Sahara AALHAD requires volunteers in various areas. Based on your specific interest you could volunteer in some of these fields

  • Awareness in schools/colleges / BPO’s
  • Life skill education for people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS [orphans, partial orphans, etc. People who have been abandoned by their families,
  • Home based care ,visit to the urban slums to provide medication, food and supplementary nutrition to those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS families,
  • Medical clinic and health care for HIV positive patients and drug users, Sahara Aalhad TI (IDU) News letter, website up gradation etc.
  • Project implementation, HIV/AIDS and substance abuse research.

The gift of your precious time [as little as a week or as long as a year,] to bring your expertise and skills to Sahara, would help to make a tremendous difference in improving the quality of our programs.

At Sahara Aalhad we are very enthusiastic about getting both local and international volunteers involved. It is a great opportunity to work with Sahara to gain one of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences of a life time.
Sahara Aalhad Care Home

Our programs are flexible to fit your voluntary time and volunteers can join and leave at any time of the year, at their own convenience. Sahara will take care of your living accommodation and arrangement to the best of your comfort.

For further details and information please contact the below mentioned Email address:

Email: info@saharaaalhad.org


Volunteer Application Form

Please review the site to find out more about our programs and if you wish to apply for voluntary for any of these positions mentioned above please complete the application below and send it to us, making sure that you are referred to the place of your interest in on your application form.


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