Suresh and Reema D’souza

Meeting with Suresh and Reema D’souza – Sahara Aalhad & Saahasee
23rd June 2015

Sahara’s Inputs:
Diagnosis in Yerwada OPD clinic and referred to the Care Home. There she was put on a high protein diet as Reema’s was extremely emaciated and could not even walk.
She was also counselled by Dr. Farzana and her mental disorder was addressed along with a treatment plan for her condition.
Reema’s TB had begun to spread due to her non-compliance to her psychiatric meds and that aggravated her condition.
She was also referred to a DOTS centre and appropriate medication sourced. Notes were also sent to the psychiatric department head Dr. Iqbal who prescribed appropriate medication for Reema’s mental disorder and she recovered so well that she was asked to stop her psychiatric medications –something that is very rare.

Before coming to Sahara, Suresh was driving a 20 year old auto and earning Rs. 3,000 pm which barely left him enough to run the house. The job was very tiring and strenuous as a result his health suffered.
Their son, Dev, was not only studying but also helping with the household chores while his father worked and his mother recovered. Over time, as his mother improved he was able to focus on his studies and passed his crucial XI Std.
The counselling of the Care Home had a positive impact and Reema adhered 100% to her medication and achieved a high level of health, her weight improved from 37 kgs at entry point to 60 kgs currently.

Suresh and his son were buying ART from a subsidised outlet and Sahara assisted them to enrol onto the govt. ART and that saved them a lot of money.
There was also domestic strife between the couple which eased when the couple was counselled and all matters settled.
Stigma and discrimination that they faced initially also went away as they began to earn well after the micro-enterprise loan from Saahasee.
Their lives changed and they didn’t look back.

Saahasee Timeframe
April 2014 – Suhas met the couple during a support group meeting.
May 2014 – Loan interview was conducted.
July 2014 – Loan was passed for laundry service and a grocery store.
Earning Rs. 15,000 with the business but some bad business decisions led to the business coming to a halt.
Currently, driving a tempo belonging to a relative and making around Rs. 15,000/-.

Some of the Lessons Learned:
Adherence is important to maintain good health to have the physical ability to run a business.
Money should be kept aside for re-investment.
The domestic expenses should be budgeted.
Making a realistic business plan is essential.
Money management and business monitoring essential.