Pooja Sharma

A Before and After

Pooja Sharma was admitted in Deenanath Hospital. All her tests were done all over again, 6 x-rays and a spine MRI. Sahara staff was waiting for feedback from Dr. Vinay. Pooja’s medical bill at the end, Vishakha, a Sahara staff member who went to visit the hospital to get an update. She spoke to Dr. Kulkarni and was informed that Pooja ‘surgery had been postponed due to fitness issues. She was given 2 blood packs today and was being prepped for surgery. The hospital charges for 2nd line ART is 3000 per person per month (discount from Prayas). Pooja’s surgery was cancelled the doctors asked about the money staff were confused as they were told to settle.

Assessment Details Pooja’s Compression Surgery (Location and Extent)

  • Pooja’s surgery was postponed as the head surgeon was on leave. She may be discharged or maybe I am beginning to think that this is related to stigma and a clever way of avoiding going ahead with Pooja’s surgery.
  • The surgery involves the removal of the destroyed vertebra to relieve compaction and the curvature of the spine corrected with rods/plates this procedure is known as debridment.
  • Pooja was then shifted to Deenanath Hospital. Sahara staff then came back from Deenanath Hospital with Pooja to the care home as there were no bed’s available in the admission ward. She is out of ICU and healing well and is undergoing physiotherapy. She is now sitting up and walking with the help of a walker.


Pooja’s is doing very well at the moment. She is attending Physiotherapy session every morning and has started controlled ambulation every evening. She has to wear a special brace and practice strength and power exercises. Her legs are a still slightly weak.

Senior staff will now be meeting with the doctors to learn the exercises and to understand the medical follow up and review schedule. Much can be attributed to Pooja’s strong will to walk again, even though she is still in a lot of pain.