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Awareness And Education Programme

On the 12th of January Sahara Aalhad with Keep A Child Alive conducted awareness and Education programme and P& G distribution done 41 New registration. For awareness 443 new registration done at Wagheshwar nagar ( vitakar chawl) 29 people attended the out patient clinic and 3 tested for HIV. Partners:[…]

P&G Distribution

P & G Pure Water Project distribution to 50 families, HIV/AIDS /TB/ awareness & education conducted at Bajrang Nagar colony 150 new Registrations.

Awareness Program

Conducted awareness programme and P&G distribution at Bajrang Nagar( Wagholi ) total attendance of clients for awareness programme 150 to 200. P&G distribution total 49 families. Team = Ashok, Aarti, Anita, Tanaji, Tushar, Sonamati and Raju. Also we saw the affect of Dangal ( Due to Bhima Koregaon violence )[…]

OPD-Wagholi Care Team

Wagholi Care Team conducted an OPD on the 22nd of December 2017, 11 patients were given health services.

OPD-Wagheshwari Goan

OPD conducted in Wagheshwari Gaon total attendance of clients 23, total collected blood samples = 5, new registrations = 8 Team = Dr. Pratima, Sonamati, Aarti, Anita, Babita, Tushar, Ashok, Tanaji and Raju.

Crisis Nutrition

Crisis Nutrition given to 8 families on the 13th of December 2017.

Students Make A Difference

Skit by student volunteers from Indus Business School about Domestic violence, alcoholism – issues that are prevalent in Wagheshwar- it opened up many avenues to give messages on a variety of topics.

P & G Distribution

On the 11th December the KCA ViiV and P & G Team distributed @proctergamble safe water packets to approximately 150 people and 51 families 10 Ante Natal Care new Registrations.

Overcoming Setbacks

The Sahara Care Team managed to conduct an OPD inspite of a 4km traffic jam, services were provided to a total of 30 clients.