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Wagheshwar Nagar OPD

OPD done at Wagheshwar Nagar from 1pm to 3pm OPD-51 New Registration-29 Testing-10

Yerwada OPD

We conducted OPD Yerwada. Total Number of Clients attendant 15 and collected blood samples of 9 for Tri dot.

Yerwada OPD

On the 14th of February We conducted OPD in Yerwada. Total 15 clients attended (7 male & 8 females ) 5 clients have given blood for Tri – Dot test after pre – test counselling The local corporator has given Sahara Aalhad a place to conduct health camps, hold prevention[…]

Pimpri Health And Awareness Programme

On the 24th of January Total registration at Pimpri Health and Awareness Programme-224 Out Patient Clinic 75 Tested for HIV- 17 Positive – 3 Little or no services exist today for Pimpri’s Street Based Drug Users. Sahara Aalhad is committed to providing health services with a follow up of treatment[…]

Crisis Nutrition

January 13th 2018- Crisis Nutrition given to 8 families January 21st 2018-Crisis Nutrition given to 9 clients January 21st 2018-Crsis Nutrition given to 9 clients January 22nd 2018-Crsis Nutrition 10 clients

P & G Safe Water Awareness and Distribution

13th of January 2018 90 new registrations for ViiV and P & G safe water awareness distribution done. (The image on the top right hand corner is the water this community has to drink).