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NACO Awareness

HIV infection is entirely preventable through awareness raising. Therefore, awareness raising about its occurrence and spread is very significant in protecting the people from the epidemic. It is for this reason that the National AIDS Control Programme lays maximum emphasis on the widespread reach of information, education and communication on HIV/AIDS prevention. Changing knowledge, attitudes and behaviour as a prevention strategy of HIV/AIDS thus is a key thrust area of the National AIDS Control Programme.

Addressing the Vulnerable

Awareness raising brings behaviour change. Through this route the programme promotes prevention, and aims to reach out to 80 percent of the high risk groups and 95 percent of the young people. In fact, the awareness campaign of NACP has received a big boost with the formation of National Council on AIDS that has mainstreamed HIV prevention activities in various government institutions and programmes.

The programme focuses on saturating an estimated four million high risk groups (commercial sex workers, injecting drug users, men-who-have-sex-with-men), twelve million highly vulnerable populations – migrants and truckers, and a large number of young women and men in the general community, who constitute almost 40 percent of the country’s population, with information on various aspects of vulnerability to HIV infection.

Services for Prevention

The HIV epidemic in India is concentrated among high risk groups (sex workers, men-having-sex-with-men, injecting drug users and clients of sex workers), though there is evidence of the infection spreading to the general population. About one-third of districts in the country have high HIV prevalence.

To contain the infection, NACP-III consolidates efforts in prevention, care, support and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Under the plan all HIV/AIDS linked services are integrated and scaled up to sub-district and community level. However, the services available in any area are based on the prevalence there. This is made necessary as HIV/AIDS in India presents heterogeneous epidemiology with high rate of prevalence, more than one percent in general population in some districts and low prevalence in others.

Core Services at District level

In packaging of services, care is taken for the special needs of the region and availability of complementary healthcare system. In high prevalence districts, the full spectrum of preventive, supportive and curative services are available in medical colleges or district hospitals. These hospitals provide HIV/AIDS prevention services including treatment and cure for sexually transmitted infections, psycho-social counselling and support for people infected or affected by HIV, management of opportunistic infections and anti-retroviral therapy for people living with HIV/AIDS, counselling and testing facility for prevention of parent to child transmission of HIV infection, specialised paediatric HIV care and treatment as well as referral for specialist needs such as surgery, ENT and ophthalmology etc.

CHCs give Basic Services

Community Health Centres and Primary Health Centres are integrated in the programme and facilitate prevention through promotion of condoms, counselling and testing for HIV (ICT Centres), prevention of parent to child transmission (PPTCT), treatment and cure for sexually transmitted diseases and management of opportunistic infections.

CBOs for better Service Outreach

Hospitals providing HIV services are linked to NGOs/CBOs which play a significant role in providing peer support services and home-based care for people living with HIV/AIDS. CBOs also facilitate follow-up with children born to HIV positive women, support at the community level and outreach to services at the district level.

Hotlines & Helplines

Whether it is 1097 or any other number Name of the place where the helpline is installed
Andhra Pradesh SACS 1097, 040-27714881, 27714355 Hyderabad
Assam SACS 1051 Guwahati
Chandigarh SACS 1097 Chandigarh
Himachal Pradesh SACS 1299 Shimla
Kerala SACS 0484 237020, 0484 2237030 Cochin
Puducherry SACS 1097 Puducherry & Karaikal
Punjab SACS 1800 180 2008 Punjab
Uttar Pradesh SACS 0522 – 2700419 Lucknow
  Uttarakhand SACS 1097 Dehradun