Sahara began as a transitional therapeutic community in the year 1978 in New Delhi when a group of individuals came together and decided to offer services to persons facing difficult situations either due to substance abuse. Sahara is a registered NGO under the “societies’ registration act 1860.This group of people made a commitment to serve the marginalized and strongly believed that all individuals have the right to a fulfilled life. Sahara has been involved in rebuilding the lives of people with the aim to encourage positive living. Sahara is also majorly focused in sensitizing marginalized communities and has enhanced livelihood options and empowered people so as to integrate them back into the mainstream. Sahara currently provides comprehensive services to people dependent on substances, living with or affected by HIV and AIDS, children living with or affected by HIV and AIDS and those from the sexual minorities group. It’s a guiding principal being not only to talk the extra mile but to walk the ‘extra mile’

The organization believes that improved health conditions, recovery and integration into the mainstream are definitely possible and the clients have much to offer in terms of efficiency, productivity and contribution to society, but when given the opportunity, these same persons have indicated a desire to live new lives. Sahara offers a supportive environment where clients are able to recover and become empowered productive members of society. Sahara believes in providing marginalized individuals with basic dignity, hope, care and support. All client needs are addressed across the complete spectrum of life without dehumanizing, stigmatizing or discriminating.

Sahara is known nationally and internationally for its uniqueness, exclusivity and the dedication to do ‘something different’ and there had been many instances when Sahara’s workforce has undoubtedly delivered high pressure quality work in the most difficult of situations and locales.