OPD-Wagholi Care Team

Wagholi Care Team conducted an OPD on the 22nd of December 2017, 11 patients were given health services.

OPD-Wagheshwari Goan

OPD conducted in Wagheshwari Gaon total attendance of clients 23, total collected blood samples = 5, new registrations = 8 Team = Dr. Pratima, Sonamati, Aarti, Anita, Babita, Tushar, Ashok, Tanaji and Raju.

Crisis Nutrition

Crisis Nutrition given to 8 families on the 13th of December 2017.

Sahara Aalhad/ Procter And Gamble (P & G) Safe Water Program

More than 1 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water, they have to revert to buying unsafe water, mostly supplied by private water tankers, and the water is literally green in colour and unfit for human consumption. Waterborne diseases are among the leading causes of morbidity and[…]

Ravi Shelar

In 2001, Ravi Shelar was admitted to the Sahara Aalhad Care Home and began to recover slowly .He then found financial stability and social position when both him and his wife Savitri were given jobs as care workers. Both served faithfully and worked hard. Then Savitri came down with abdominal[…]

Crisis Nutrition

# Supplementary Nutrition a must with heavy medication Crisis Nutrition comprising of milk, eggs, fortified wheat and lentils provided to 13 families (Wageshwarnagar clients mostly widows and community orphans ) on 22/8/2017 23/8/2017 24/8/2017 25/8/2017

Ramesh Kulkarni

Ramesh Kulkarni, at 57 years, never anticipated that he would fall so severely ill with so many different complications all at one time He and his wife had been living with his condition and they had both been regular with their medication and had been in good shape overall. Hardly[…]

Sunshine Group

“Sunshine” Support Group Meetings creates a platform for adolescents and youth to advocate for their rights and a time of sharing and fun