Yerwada OPD

On the 14th of February We conducted OPD in Yerwada. Total 15 clients attended (7 male & 8 females ) 5 clients have given blood for Tri – Dot test after pre – test counselling The local corporator has given Sahara Aalhad a place to conduct health camps, hold prevention[…]

Pimpri Health And Awareness Programme

On the 24th of January Total registration at Pimpri Health and Awareness Programme-224 Out Patient Clinic 75 Tested for HIV- 17 Positive – 3 Little or no services exist today for Pimpri’s Street Based Drug Users. Sahara Aalhad is committed to providing health services with a follow up of treatment[…]

Crisis Nutrition

January 13th 2018- Crisis Nutrition given to 8 families January 21st 2018-Crisis Nutrition given to 9 clients January 21st 2018-Crsis Nutrition given to 9 clients January 22nd 2018-Crsis Nutrition 10 clients

P & G Safe Water Awareness and Distribution

13th of January 2018 90 new registrations for ViiV and P & G safe water awareness distribution done. (The image on the top right hand corner is the water this community has to drink).

Awareness And Education Programme

On the 12th of January Sahara Aalhad with Keep A Child Alive conducted awareness and Education programme and P& G distribution done 41 New registration. For awareness 443 new registration done at Wagheshwar nagar ( vitakar chawl) 29 people attended the out patient clinic and 3 tested for HIV. Partners:[…]

P&G Distribution

P & G Pure Water Project distribution to 50 families, HIV/AIDS /TB/ awareness & education conducted at Bajrang Nagar colony 150 new Registrations.

Awareness Program

Conducted awareness programme and P&G distribution at Bajrang Nagar( Wagholi ) total attendance of clients for awareness programme 150 to 200. P&G distribution total 49 families. Team = Ashok, Aarti, Anita, Tanaji, Tushar, Sonamati and Raju. Also we saw the affect of Dangal ( Due to Bhima Koregaon violence )[…]