Today OPD done at Wagheshwar nagar Burunjwadi . Time 12.45 pm to 3.15 pm 38 new registration 29 Dr. Review 16 test with consent All test Negative. Team – Dr. Pratima, Sonamati, Ashok, Aarti,Santosh, Tanaji, Raju, NareshDatta, Gouri


THE SPORTS ROUTE Every Thursday Sahara’s van takes the kid’s to Decathlon. We left for Decathlon at 9 am and returned at 10:45am care home it was a good day trip. On the 7th of June Sahara kids at Decathlon On the 5th June Sports equipment for kids in Sahara[…]

Wagholi OPD

16th March 2018-we conducted OPD in Suyog nagar (Wagholi ). Attended by men, women and children. 67 = New registrations 69 = Client reviews 19 = Blood samples taken after consent Team = Dr. Pratima, Dr. Michelle Ashok, Tanaji, Anita, Aarti, Sonamati, Tushar Santosh and Raju.

Yerwada OPD

14th March 2018- we had conducted OPD in Yerwada. Attended by men, women and children. 108 = New registrations 46 = Client reviews 24 =Blood samples taken after consent 04 = ANC Team =Dr. Pratima, Dr. Michelle Anita Tanaji Tushar and Raju

Wagholi OPD

10th March 2018-Health Camp done at suyog Nagar wagholi. Team Dr. Pratima, Dr.Geys, Aarti ,sonamati,Tanaji, Harish, Anita, Ashok, Santosh. OPD review with dr. -100 New registration more than -300 ANC -3 Blood testing with consent- 27 All men ,women and children

Yerwada OPD

On the 7th of March we conducted OPD in Yerwada. Attended by men and women. 48 = New registrations 28 = Client reviews 09 = blood samples taken after consent. Team = Dr. Pratima, Dr. Michelle, Anita, Tanaji and Raju

Wagheshwar Nagar OPD

OPD done at Wagheshwar Nagar from 1pm to 3pm OPD-51 New Registration-29 Testing-10

Yerwada OPD

We conducted OPD Yerwada. Total Number of Clients attendant 15 and collected blood samples of 9 for Tri dot.