Projects & Updates

P & G Report

Proctor & Gamble 2014 – 2015 The partnership between Sahara Aalhad, Pune and the Proctor & Gamble Safe Water Project was initiated by Keep a Child Alive (KCA) and implemented from July 2014. The project duration was for a year and was immediately welcomed by Sahara Aalhad as the organization[…]

Sangita’s Sessions

Sangita Hunt is a professional life skills trainer and communications expert. Sangita has been associated with Sahara Aalhad for more than a year now. Sangita was particularly interested in the youth registered with Sahara Aalhad. Realizing the myriad issues they were facing, especially those in the age group of 16[…]

Sahara Aalhad Care Center – Wagholi, Pune

Sahara Aalhad, initiated in 1996, is a care home for people living with HIV/AIDS in Pune. From hands-on care for HIV infected persons admitted in government hospitals in the city, the program has evolved into a community based initiative where now positive persons and their families’ access high quality care and[…]

DIC and IDU Program – Pimpri, Pune

The Project is based on prevention, care and treatment of addicts and their sexual partners. The Drop In Centre operates Abscess Management, Oral Substitution Therapy and outreach based NSEP is offered to IDUs and other addicts, detox and refers clients to Sahara’s rehab programs. Around a third of clients are[…]

Wake Up Pune – Long Initiative

Sahara Aalhad and Disha have partnered with PCI and launched a long initiative called the Wake Up Punecampaign. During this campaign we aim at reaching more than 4 lakh people in a concerted effort to sensitise them on the need to support people living with HIV/AIDS and not isolate, blame or neglect.[…]

Taking the Wheel – MG Road, Pune

In March 2008, Sahara Aalhad launched a truckers project called ‘Taking the Wheel’, Pune’s first large scale HIV/AIDS awareness program for the truckers community. The team runs outreach workshops at multiple sights across the city and in surrounding areas. Over 4,000 truckers were reached in the first quarter alone. Pune’s[…]