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Day Of Joy

Day of Joy-Beauty Sahara along with Dansk Indisk Bornehjaelp Denmark gave our clients-60 women, 40 children,20 Men a Day of Joy and Beauty. This day was a whole new experience, a stress-free day where their children were looked after, food was provided so that they didn’t have to cook lunch[…]

Overcoming Setbacks

The Sahara Care Team managed to conduct an OPD inspite of a 4km traffic jam, services were provided to a total of 30 clients.

Tshegohaco Motsemme- Fill That Gap Visit

Fill That Gap, an organization that sends volunteers to different parts of the world to provide inputs, share experiences and to work in organizations. It’s a synergetic and reciprocal relationship between the volunteer and the organization. Tshegohaco Motsemme, RN, RM, BN, MPH, a public health consultant arrived in Pune, India[…]

Sahara’s OPD

Number of beneficiaries attending Sahara’s OPD on the 13/09/2017. Total – 60 Children – 15 Timing – 11.30 – 1.15 Note – Mainly women and children attended – men had mostly gone to work.

Health Day at IIEBM(Indus Business School)

Talk/Interactive Session against smoking and drug abuse by Elizabeth Selhore Executive Director Sahara Allahad on 1st August 2017 from 1.50 pm to 3.20 pm. Hence they plan to have people speak on various topics related to health and fitness. The audience consisted of 1st year of MBA students at IIEBM[…]