Health Day at IIEBM(Indus Business School)

Talk/Interactive Session against smoking and drug abuse by Elizabeth Selhore Executive Director Sahara Allahad on 1st August 2017 from 1.50 pm to 3.20 pm. Hence they plan to have people speak on various topics related to health and fitness.
The audience consisted of 1st year of MBA students at IIEBM (Indus Business School) at Wakad. The number of students expected to attend the session would be approx 180.Since youngsters, these days easily give in to peer pressure and take up unhealthy habits like smoking and rampant drug abuse (most of them coming away from home environment for the first time in their lives and tasting “freedom”) , the session against smoking and drug abuse needs to address issues related to the ill-effects of the same and make them desist from indulging in these unhealthy practices.