Ankita Pawar

Ankita Pawar was orphaned at a very early age and was cared for by her neighbours.
The community elders decided to get her married to a man more who was more than thrice her age.Her husband was an abusive alcoholic.He put her to work as a maid and used the money that she earned cleaning, washing clothes and dishes for alcohol consumption.
No one came to help.
After months of being abused Ankita packed her bags and moved. At the bus station she booked a ticket for Pune where life handed her some unfortunate cards.
When Ankita was admitted into the Sahara Aalhad/KCA Care Home after living with HIV for a year and was on anti-HIV drugs for 8 months. She had complied with all treatment, a moderate gastroenteritis episode She made an amazing recovery. Soon, she found a job looking after two toddlers and cooked for another in the evenings, she earned well and the Care Team – a bubbly, effervescent and entertaining. But we soon realized that this was a facade. It was difficult to get Anikta to come to terms with her emotions. For instance, when the counsellor asked her if everything was okay, she said “yes”. When the psychiatrist asked her if she was experiencing any sadness or anxiety, she said “none at all” and flashed a smile.
One day, a member of the Care team saw someone sitting in the back porch. She had been discharged by this time. They walked up to see Ankita sobbing. She expressed that she felt she had nothing to look forward to in life as the people around were taking the next step in their relationships. it was in these moments that she really found herself. It was what had kept the people wanted to establish.