The IBIS Hotel Pune Team visited the Sahara Aalhad Care Home on the Tuesday the 12th of April. The team cooked and brought with them a delicious Chinese lunch as well as distributed lassi and cake made by them to all 50 patients and staff. They also brought along their own buffet-type serving dishes and personally served the food to everyone, making clients and staff feel very special.
The team also collected clothes by way of a special donation.
The staff and patient’s shared their experiences and stories gave them a background of Sahara’s history.
The team were impressed and inspired by the services provided and dedication of the care workers.
Sahara Aalhad thanked the visitors who committed to contribute and support the cause of ending HIV and TB and reduce poverty in whatever capacity and manner possible as; every gesture, however big or small, makes the difference.
It was an enriching experience for everyone present and a great time was had by all.