Sahara Aalhad conducted an English Professional skills course on the 10th, 11th, 17th and 18th of March 2016. There were a total number of 18 participants, all employees of Sahara Aalhad. The main focus of this course was to improve the Sahara Aalhad staff’s English and enhance their professional skills.
The subjects discussed in this course are as follows socializing skills, email and report writing, individual and group presentations, the importance of team work and the difference between Indian and Global English were covered in this 24 hour course.
On the 4th and final day of the course, there were group presentations made in presence of Sahara Aalhad Director, Mrs. Elizabeth Selhore and Mr. Richard Hunt. This component of the course taught me how to face my fear of public speaking and how to make an impact with the content I was presenting. I am so grateful I got to attend this course that has taught me skills that will be with me for life and that fears are designed to faced not be feared.We also received certificates for participating in this course.
All the participants have found that this course has helped them to bring much improvement and confidence in their Professional English speaking and writing skills, and looking forward to more such courses in the future.Mr Richard Hunt is an exceptional teacher who is very enthusiastic and incredibly passionate about what he does which comes through in his teaching. He in turn passed on that enthusiasm and passion on to the staff.
We wish him the best of luck and success in all his future endeavors and for giving us the skills to become assets to Sahara Aalhad. We give a special thanks to Mrs Elizabeth Selhore, Director of Sahara Aalhad for organizing this course, for always helping us to progress.