Keep A Child Alive-Glenn Bozarth

Mr. Glenn Bozarth, a KCA Board member, visited the KCA supported “Bhavishya Project” . The Sahara Aalhad team along with Glenn and his close Indian friend Sonu first visited Wagheshwari Gaon, where they witnessed the Procter and Gamble safe water project in action. After which they visited the Sahara Aalhad Care Home , Wagholi, interacted with staff, clients, professionals as well as volunteers .

They were very impressed with the confident and articulate Adolescents Support Group.

At the Care Home Sahara introduced Glenn and Sonu to Rajinder and Mangala, who have been given a micro credit loan by Bhavishya partner Saahasee. It was amazing to see how well the couple and their family have prospered with the comprehensive approach of the “Bhavishya Project”

The 1GD (100 Good Deeds) team demonstrated their prowess with the “Lucet” and Glen and Sonu had the good fortunate to meet the children of the 1GD team, a majority of whom are young widows.

At the KCA / Sahara Yerwada clinic the duo met the amazing Anita and the equally amazing outreach team who were celebrating a little girls birthday.

Glenn and Sonu’s last stop was Saahasee’s (Bhavishya Partner) skills centre (Computer Training, Sewing, Mehndi,Spoken English Course)where they met clients and staff who were involved in the skills building program…a young girl showed how well she spoke English and one of the women demonstrated her artistic skills at “mehndi”

…a lot of laughs and smiles…
Glenn & Sonu…you must come back again someday.