Sangita’s Sessions

Sangita Hunt is a professional life skills trainer and communications expert. Sangita has been associated with Sahara Aalhad for more than a year now.
Sangita was particularly interested in the youth registered with Sahara Aalhad. Realizing the myriad issues they were facing, especially those in the age group of 16 to 22, she decided to mentor them through this difficult phase of life where there are changes ranging from physical to emotional.
Sangita began with a series of informal meetings with the staff who had been interfacing with these young men and women to understand their needs and concerns.
Sangita, then, arranged for a meeting and spoke to the youth through a translator. The first session was extremely successful with the youth group. After the initial tentativeness, the young people all spoke up at length giving Sangita Hunt a clear picture of their annoyances and loves, concerns, hobbies, hopes, dreams and life aspirations.
Topics were then shortlisted and logistics set.
The sessions quickly increased in popularity and through word of mouth and What’s App groups that the youth belonged to the attendance began grow. The core group stemmed from the Sunshine Youth Support Group that was made up of youth living with and affected by HIV but the sessions also started to attract their friends.
Sessions addressed a vast number of concepts ranging from commonplace and routine to the forward-thinking and progressive. Topics for discussion touched upon money management to relationships, communication skills to coping with loneliness, overcoming stigma both self and external, sex and sexuality and how to be happy.
Home assignments were given and shared in sessions and feedback given. There was also a lot of fun interwoven into the sessions to keep the attention and interest alive. There were outdoors trips where simple but exciting things were practiced such as people watching, observing body language to name a few.
The methods used to deliver were varied and unique. . Art and music were utilized as means of communication. Movies and documentaries were shown and the significance of their messages explained.
Sangita’s sessions had a tremendous impact.. Besides building the youth group into a vibrant and connected community, confidence and self-articulation is evident. There is a clear movement towards resurrecting careers, reviving dreams, forming new conducts and developing renewed lifestyles.
What’s most encouraging is the regular attendance and the level of eagerness of the youth to come for the sessions.
There are plans to take the sessions to the next level and widen its scope. Everything will be done in consultation with youth affected by HIV/AIDS, to have the necessary relevance and suitability.
The most wonderful thing that has emerged from Sangita Hunt’s sessions is that where once young men and women saw their HIV statuses as their complete and only personality trait now see it as only a part of their overall existence opening them up to a kaleidoscope of experiences.