Global Day of Action “Support, Don’t Punish”

Global Day of Action “Support, Don’t Punish” was conducted by Sahara Aalhad on 26th June 2015 to stand against stigma and discrimination for people who inject drugs and their families.


The rally began with a talk  followed with a street play for the community members of Pimpri to spread the message of safer practices and to increase knowledge and awareness of the disadvantages caused by stigma and discrimination of people who inject drugs. The participants afterward marched towards Pimpri-Ambedkar Chowk. During the rally the banners and slogans were chanted repeatedly by the PWID community and the  members of the N.G.O and service providers .
The event was adjourned with indoor join interaction program between IDUs and community members. At the end of the program, lunch and cold drinks were provided to the participants.