Sahara Aalhad Care Center – Wagholi, Pune

Sahara Aalhad, initiated in 1996, is a care home for people living with HIV/AIDS in Pune. From hands-on care for HIV infected persons admitted in government hospitals in the city, the program has evolved into a community
based initiative where now positive persons and their families’ access high quality care and receive assistance in fighting against discrimination. The program emphasises positive living with HIV/AIDS.

Sahara Aalhad is a residential care home for men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS. It provides its clients balanced diets and nutritional supplements, treatment with Antiretroviral (ARVs), management of opportunistic infections and treatment of TB, palliative care, arranging andmonitoring of hospital visits, counseling and emotional support. Outreach is conducted from DICs in Yerwada and Pimpri.

Aalhad provides a variety of therapies, activities and events for clients and their families. There is a weekly coffee night where clients relax and have fun through games, music and dancing.

Sahara Aalhad is also very active in the field of HIV education and advocacy in Pune through events and awareness campaigns. It works closely with other NGOs with the philosophy that reducing the stigma associated with HIV is a method of HIV prevention and overcoming discrimination towards PLHIV.

The Sahara Aalhad Care Home is presently, entirely funded by Keep A Child Alive – USA