DIC and IDU Program – Pimpri, Pune

The Project is based on prevention, care and treatment of addicts and their sexual partners. The Drop In Centre operates Abscess Management, Oral Substitution Therapy and outreach based NSEP is offered to IDUs and other addicts, detox and refers clients to Sahara’s rehab programs.

Around a third of clients are HIV positive. The DIC provides HIV management and counseling and referrals for HIV/CD4 testing and ART registration. There is a primary health care clinic and OPD visited daily by a doctor where STIs and OIs are treated.

Members of the project work extensively at overcoming resistance to the program and prejudices against drug users and PLHIV in their community through extensive trust-building practices. To address misconceptions and resistance they employ methods such as street-plays, peer-work, outreach with affected families in the area and dialogue with area members at all levels including community leaders, local politicians, enforcement officials and peddlers.

Project Manager Addressing RallyThis project is a peer led intervention for Injecting Drug Users and their sexual partners. The objective of this program is to reduce incidence of transmission of HIV/AIDS amongst drug users and their sexual partners, to promote health-seeking behaviours, ensure right to treatment, and empower the community to adopt ownership in response to HIV/AIDS and its related issues.

The community outpatient department through the state’s public health system extends medical treatment to injecting drug users and their sexual partners, female sex workers, and those infected or affected by HIV. The program focuses on prevention and harm reduction by offering NSEP, Oral Substitution, Abscess Management, Condom Distribution and HR counseling.

Most of the clients are unable to work due to their present condition. Many have Tuberculosis, Hepeatitis C and are HIV+.They also have no source of income. The nutrition program was initiated with the support of Universal for IDU’s, in additional to meals (breakfast and lunch), clients are also provided with vitamin supplements, . Currently there are approximately 50 clients receiving nutritional support.

With funds received from Universl France,clients have a better chance of recovering and stabilizing health wise

This project is funded by MSACS (Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society)