Wake Up Pune – Long Initiative

Sahara Aalhad and Disha have partnered with PCI and launched a long initiative called the Wake Up Punecampaign. During this campaign we aim at reaching more than 4 lakh people in a concerted effort to sensitise them on the need to support people living with HIV/AIDS and not isolate, blame or neglect. For details of this campaign please visit the site at wakeuppune.org

There is an important distinction to be made between “felt” and “enacted” stigma. Felt stigma arises from the real or imagined stigmatizing responses of others. It has an important role to play in “policing” the behaviour of people living with HIV/AIDS, causing some to deny their serostatus, others to conceal it, and all to experience anxiety about telling others and seeking care. The consequences of both felt and enacted stigma undermine efforts to challenge HIV/AIDS-related discrimination, stigmatization and denial. Both prevent people living with HIV/AIDS publicly acknowledging their serostatus and playing their full and proper role in prevention and care.

Signature Campaign at INOXInterventions targeting discrimination need to take place concurrent with the establishment of a supportive legal framework that includes generic antidiscrimination laws covering health care, employment, education, housing and social security, as well as effective enforcement mechanisms. Other important and complementary activities must include efforts to change attitudes through communication campaigns in the media, education and training.

We believe that this battle against HIV will be won or lost at the grassroots — you are the grassroots.

Following the success of the star-studded HIV awareness events at MG Road the Wake Up Pune campaign is asking people to take the lead and be ‘HIV POSITIVE’. What does this mean?

  • Positive about Education – educating ourselves and others about HIV and AIDS
  • Positive about Awareness – raising awareness in our wider community
  • Positive about Support – reaching out to people living with and affected by HIV and AID

Through ‘Pune: An HIV Positive City’, Wake Up Pune aims to challenge the stigma and discrimination so often faced by people living with HIV (PLHIV).